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December 20, 2005

FOX - Cancel 'Arrested Development' or Suffer Our Throbbing Wrath


Fox Goons:

You and your assigns must somehow believe I am joking when I say that your depiction of BOB LOBLAW in the so-called "comedy" serial ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT, is in violation of several sections of the California Code of Civil Procedure. Make no mistake, SIRS, not only am I, Zac Birnbaum, no said "joking" but my firm and it's associates, which may or may not include Nabisco, Rite-Aid and GlaxoSmithKlein, intend to open additional cases against M. Hurwitz, R. Howard and S.Baio for their uses of my likeness without prior permission or compensation.

While you may think it funny, "BOB LOBLAW LAW BLOG" is quite the opposite for the aformentioned. It is the nail in the coffin for all involved and Birnbaumaco holds the hammer. Furthermore, LOBLAW'S SITE is not only poorly designed but contains not a fraction of the legal advice and information found on this website.

Did you think we would sit idly by while this, http://www.zbirnbaum.com/files - a vital legal information portal, is used as a throwaway line on a television situation comedy serial? Come On!

Provide high end alcohol and blackmailable strippers to the Rite-Aid parking lot at once or we sue every hair off Ron Howard's head.

Best wishes for a happy and prosperous New Year,


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